Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Fashion Pet Peeves!

So I was watching one of 'icallitambrosia' videos yesterday and it got me thinking about my fashion pet peeves, here's my list

1. Leggings as trousers. Leggings are not trousers, so if you are wearing very thin (why is it always the people with shitty leggings committing this crime?) leggings with a regular length or ,even worse, a crop top I am going to look at you in disgust or laugh because I can see your thong.

2. Fake designer. I can spot fake designer a mile off and trust me it doesn't look good. But when I say fake designer I am not just talking about fake Gucci handbags, nope I am also talking about those 'designer' brands you find littering TK Maxx. Stop wearing them. NOW!

3. People who wear full on trainers, that you would do sport in, outside in the public viewing area. If you are out lets say shopping and you are wearing athletic trainers with skinny jeans and a pretty top you just look like a twat.

4. Camel toe.

5. Ugg boots and shorts.

6. Shorts and tights.

7. People who wear T shirts with a Phrase/ Band/ Person they have never heard off/ don't like/ don't listen to.

8. Too short leggings.

9. Bad make-up (See my last post for details).

10. Anything wayyyyy too big or wayyyy to small.

Ok so thats my list of my fashion pet peeves, either comment down below yours or make a blog post and send me the link so I can see what things bother you!


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